“I am perfumer and musician.

My most intense memories were marked by the dialogue between these two arts. These unique moments where music and perfume create a perfect harmony.

I invented L’ORCHESTRE PARFUM to revive these emotions and share them.

Wear a song, listen to a perfume.

I have visited many luthiers ateliers and worked with the finest french craftmen to understand and feel the scent of musical instruments: Essences of guitar wood, trombone brass, kora leather …

Two great Perfumers then combined these essences with the most beautiful perfume notes: Néroli, rose, spices …

Then, 5 talented musicians took the time and care to compose an original song for each perfume 5 luxury fragrances performed in music by 5 virtuosos of all horizons. Our perfumes are designed in Paris and made in Grasse from a 100% natural alcohol. Each bottle has been manualy lacquered by a french artisan.

I consider perfume as an art and believe that the arts must interact together to create new emotions.

It is this handmade work, these hours of creation of craftsmen, perfumers and musicians that made this dream possible.”
Pierre, Founder of L’ORCHESTRE PARFUM

Responsible Fragrances

Our fragrances are entirely composed, produced and packaged in France from 100% natural French beet alcohol.

All our formulas are 100% vegan and more than 80% made up of natural & vegetal ingredients.

Our external packaging is FSC certified, an environmental label, that aims to ensure that the production of wood or a wood-based product respects the procedures guaranteeing sustainable forest management.

We believe that learning music can change a life.

L’Orchestre Parfum is therefore committed alongside exceptional partners in helping cultural democratization centered on musical practice with young people.

We have the honor to work on various multi-sensory projects with Demos project (Musical and orchestral education device with a social vocation – Philharmonie de Paris) and Tomorrow’s Warriors teams in London.