Slider Composition Thé Darbouka

Thé Darbouka

Sahara. Desert. Dawn coloured by the nomadic rhythm of a darbouka An imaginary tea.


Elusive, sweet and spicy Oud, Cocoa, Styrax


Composition Parfum : Amélie Bourgeois

Composition Musique : Nicolas Leroy

The first ‘fragrance band’

Exceptional Perfumers

Virtuosos created the melody of our fragrances

Polisensory live concerts

Handmade & sustainable fragrances

Perfumes created in Paris, made in Grasse

No animal testing. 100% french natural beet alcohol

Active participation in social-cultural projects

Music composed and recorded in studio by Nicolas Leroy.
Drum genious who collaborated with artists from all horizons.
He perfomed in many concerts and festivals in Paris and throughout the world.