Musical fragrances to smell & listen to.

L’Orchestre Parfum is a new alchemy.

The perfect harmony between music and perfume.

The fragrance band.

Outstanding perfumers create exceptional fragrances inspired by concerts’ memories & musical organic matter discovered in the most beautiful luthiers’ workshops

(guitar’s cedarwood, trombone’s copper, kora’s leather etc.).

A wonderful ‘page blanche’ for outstanding virtuosos who created each fragrance’s melody with true passion.

Let’s make our senses dance!

L’Orchestre Parfum invites you to discover all the music of the world from its workshop and in the studio where the electronic waves of house or techno resonate.

Discover Electro Limonade and Bouquet Encore, our two new electronic fragrances.

Flamenco Neroli

Fresh, citrusy, woody

Eau de parfum 100ml – 180$

Thé Darbouka

Elusive, fruity, spicy

Eau de parfum 100ml – 180$

Rose Trombone

Sensual, clean, gourmand

Eau de parfum 100ml – 180$

Encens Asakusa

Bewitching, powdery, woody

Eau de parfum 100ml – 180$

Cuir Kora

Wild, woody, spicy

Eau de parfum 100ml – 180$

Piano Santal

Languorous, milky, addictive

Eau de parfum 100ml – 180$

Electro Limonade

Sparkling, zesty, aromatic

Eau de parfum 100ml – 180$

Bouquet Encore

Sexy, floral, irresistible

Eau de parfum 100ml – 180$

Ambre Cello

Mystical, suave, elegant

Eau de parfum 100ml – 180$

Vétiver Overdrive

Woody, aromatic, electric

Eau de parfum 100ml – 180$

Discover our fragrances from home


We created La Répétition ’so that you can live our multi-sensitive experience from home and take the time to test and feel the musical fragrance that best suits you.

Responsible Fragrances

Our fragrances are entirely composed, produced and packaged in France from 100% natural French beet alcohol.

All our formulas are 100% vegan and more than 80% made up of natural & vegetal ingredients.

Our external packaging is FSC certified, an environmental label, that aims to ensure that the production of wood or a wood-based product respects the procedures guaranteeing sustainable forest management.

We believe that learning music can change a life.

L’Orchestre Parfum is therefore committed alongside exceptional partners in helping cultural democratization centered on musical practice with young people.

We have the honor to work on various multi-sensory projects with Demos project (Musical and orchestral education device with a social vocation – Philharmonie de Paris) and Tomorrow’s Warriors teams in London.

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